tirsdag 1. februar 2011

Jonathan Knight Is Gay: New Kids On The Block Star Comes Out
Bless you Jon for not making a fuss.

I was a huge fan back in my green youth. But even at the age of 12 i somehow knew Jonathan Knight was “off limits”. But then at that age i couldn’t give a red monkeys bottom if either of those guys were into whatever… you name it… elephant-poo, shoes, s&m… you name it it would have been forgiven… at the age of 12 i believed wholeheartedly that the sun shone out of their bottoms and i truly believed that every one of those boys would be able to walk on air… never mind water…

To be honest tho… i was more inclined to suspect his brother of playing it a bit too much up for the girls but i’m not gonna make a thing of it.

there is nothing even close to being shocking or surprising about this but for some reason the newspapers think it’s important.

Jonathan, If you happen to read this, like ever… please know… You still rock!
Honestly? New Kids On The Block were such a HUGE part of my adolescence, And i have a million fond memories from their music, the giddy feeling i had and remembering all the posters i had all over my room. I went straight from puppies and horses and dreams of becoming a circus-princess to plastering my entire room in New Kids…They were seriously EVERYWHERE!
i kept all the magazine clippings until i was 20 and i still have the music on CD in case of a proper down-in-the-dumps-day. the music? quite frankly (in hindsight and with an evolved taste…) it’s rubbish… but back then it was the big IT and it cheers me up simply by reminding me of a much much simpler time when life was without finance, relationships and cooking.

so basically… i don’t care if  penguins turn you on… You are still my teen-hero and pinup!

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