mandag 31. januar 2011

here goes

If you look at my Body and Soul page there is a little goal for February outlined.
Today is the day!

I am going to begin on a Monday due to all good things have to have a start and i could not be arsed to begin on a weekend...
I know... I Know... Procrastinating will get you nowhere!
So to repeat my promise:
The goal is to every evening spend half an hour on MOVING!
to begin with i will focus on my somewhat loose gut.
I will do the following:
Cycling boat

10 Deep Breaths
2 Sets of 10 slow rolls each side – with 20 seconds rest.
2 Sets of 10 lifts with 20 seconds rest.
Alternate sides for 30 – 45 seconds.
2 Sets of 10 lifts with 20 seconds rest between sets.
2 Sets of 6 – 10 lifts with 20 seconds rest between sets.

Wish me luck!

torsdag 27. januar 2011


This week i have visitors in my life.
These particular angels will stay with me untill Saturday when they are supposed to move on to 3 of my friends and bring them some happiness.
The only problem is that my friends are all a bunch of cynics who laughs at the idea of lighting a candle and asking for help from these beings of light.
So when they are finished with my life, i will send them on to the one other person i know who believes.
And she is allready the most enthusiastc-fantastic person i know!
I think they do something. Not a huge degree of change but some...
I won't say what i've asked for but i can feel then pulling at me in the right directions.
the cat senses it too. he's way more patient than usual and he's cuddly yet not his clingy self. he seems somehow more content.
I don't know... It may be just me.
But i seem calmer too. i don't feel as stressed and yesterday on the bus i actually felt happy. not just glad to be going home and seeing my beautiful girl, but truly blissful and deeply content. I was so surprised i started looking for what made me feel so good and i couldn't put my finger on it. although i was dog-tired form a long day at work, the happiness kinda stuck and was just there. i thought it might be the late-winter light that hints of spring but i don't like spring all that much as it creates stupid mounts of havoc with my immune system. I do love the first flowers tho...
I didn't even mind climbing into my car thru the rear hatch coz the frost had glued all the doors stuck. Noramlly i'd swear at the stupid car for being so stupidly idiotic, making me late and inconvenient... but yesterday i was happy that the fall of snow was a dry-drift that would fly off as i set the wipers in motion rather than heavy wet stuff that i would have to climb back out wioth the brush again to scrape and brush off.
i don't know why this feeling seems wrong. Nothing seems to faze me this week. It's like i'm impervious to stress and negativity....
So... I've decided to use these angels who are visiting me as a springboard into a calmer and more harmonic self.
so what if the weather is foul or there is lots to do at work.
I will from now on try my best at playing the Pollyanna-game!
Does anybody else remember her? in the books she had a game of trying to find something positive in every single situation.
I ahve allready written my wishes for the angels but i hope this feeling remains.

tirsdag 18. januar 2011


Sometimes i wish i could take certain burdens for my daughter.
At the moment she is sat on the sofa with a grayish hue to her face and a body full of the flu. she's been suffering since friday but didn't get a fever untill saturday and although her morale and mood is good she is still suffering with a blocked nose and no apetite... poor tyke.
I was ill more or less constantly as a child and i had a steady stream of bronchitis from the age of 5 ish. thankfully my daughter has so far had a teflon coated health so i'm hoping she won't have the constant fevers i remember form my childhood. i am supplying a steady stream of drinks, ice lollies and potatocrisps to at least keep her hydrated. the rest is up to mother nature.
Tomorrow, if the fever don't break tonight, we'll be heading for the doctors.
i don't like the idea of dragging her outside in the wintercold while she has a fever but by tomorrow her fever has lasted for so long i'd like to eliminate any infections beyond the ordinary flu-virus...

tirsdag 11. januar 2011

The wonderful thing about 30…

One of my friends turned 30 latelly and thus i feel it is appropriate to muse a bit on the subject…
30 is a wonderful age. i had a bit of a crisis on the wole changing decade thing… and now it kinda freaks me out that i’ll be 33 in March… and i will tell you why:
this is sooo totally irrational but here goes…
When i was 17 there was a tarot-booth in Trondheim during a festival or some such event.. my friend wanted to try so we were offered a two for one prize and my friend said she’d pay so i went along. and after my friend had been told about a lightning bright future, the “gypsy” woman spoke and spoke and spoke loads…,
when it was my turn, she didn’t speak at all, which kinda freaked me out.

then when all the cards were dealt she said (my own comments on her predictions in blue…):

“you will face great grief and hardship. I see there will be many children but also great loss (I have miscarried at least 2 times and had an ectopic pregnancy..)
You will not find peace in your work, you have a golden heart which people will recognize and take advantage of (Yup… i’m too nice…hehe)
she said something about money and love which was either not interesting at the time or interpreted to mean a guy i had a crush on at the time… so i don’t remember….
Then she dealt some new cards in a section of the “sun” she had laid out for me and she looked really worried… But then she said:
I’m not sure if i should tell you this but i do not see your future beyond your mid 30′ies. there is death at the age of 34 and the cards after that age are nondescript and cloudy. All i I will say, your journey ends when you are 34.”

so i’m kinda freaked out over approaching 34…
friends of mine who know tarots are shocked that she would say this to me as serious tarot readers should never predict actual death. they are usually allowed to say there will be a change, but they should not predict death.
A friend of mine who was learning palmistry did a follow up a bit later and she said signs are that i should have 7 or one child. (4 down…)
and that something happens in my early adulthood coz there is a serious break in my lifeline, and my lifeline is generally weak.
So being a grown-up in my 30′ies kinda isn’t where i wanna be…

fredag 7. januar 2011

Here we go again

I have one blog in Norwegian, but as i'm following a whole bunch of english written blog i'm adding a new and exiting english one too...
 Happy Reading!