lørdag 26. februar 2011

Decorating madness

In 6 months my daughter starts school.
In 5 months we have to be moved into the other halfs house. and i'm panicking.
i fear a semidessecrated decorators nightmare!
I don't wanna e-bay my stuff coz there is no place for it in the house at the moment!


we have 13 beds.... between the 3 of us... and we can't agree which to keep.
I am deeply attached to my bed but he thinks it would be more practical with a family bunkbed...

Living room??

in here there will be a bedsofa, a sofa, a coffetable and a TV...

Kitchen is sort of done... needs some surfaces cut to size and some doorfronts...

aren't i clever!
I've done the wiring!!

Did anybody say what a nightmare?
I do not see the end of it and this is just the lille bedsit rental flat downstairs!!!!

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