tirsdag 8. mars 2011

Royals being normal.

It might just be me but i've grown up in Norway where the royal family on a regular basis shows their mortal side. they ski, they sail and they do completely normal things.
last week our little princess, 7 year old Ingrid Alexandra, who btw one day will be queen, handed a typically childmade paper effigy of one of our highest acclaimed skiing athletes, Marit Bjørgen.

I also lived in England for 9 years and the royals there never did anything "folksy" or normal.
It does however look like that is about to change tho...
The young (adult?) prince William, probably won't be king untill he's 80 due to his old daddy-o being next in line and most likely will sit on the throne untill he falls of it on his last day on the planet.
But... Look at the man now.
He's due to get married to -SHOCK- a girl of the "people"... and i think he's all the better for it.
His mum kinda set a standard with meeting the people but there was always something distant about her as if she was too shy or too sucessful.
But this new royal bride. She is one of the people. She's used to being around normal people and OK, she has put on a posh-ish accent latelly so they have obviously hired a coach in royal behaviour. She has obviously been a good influence on him too. He's always seemed a bit awkward in meeting the "public" as if he didn't know what to say to them. Just look at him now!  Both of them chatting to the children and helping the children throw those little pancakes.
And pay close attention to the looks he sends her way... the way he guides her thru the act of meeting "normal" people...
It's funny how obvious it is that he's found his queen.

I'm no royalist, but i have always had a soft spot for those two English princes. Possibly due to being a child of the 80'ies when Diana ruled the coloured gloss print. I've just always wanted them to be OK.
I think a normal girl will keep him grounded and focused.

Keep going Wills! This girl is doing you good and the pair of you can easily pick up where your mum left off if this video is anything to go by...

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