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Mildly inspired by Angela at Oh She Glows and her Whittle My Middle challenge i have decided to give my abs another chance at improvement. My issue has always been that with sit-ups i tend to stretch my neck so that i can't breathe and i puff my gut muscles out which doesn't really stengthen them at all.
so this week I have started... very modestly i might add due to the fact i'm a total novice and have no idea what i'm doing.
That is... for 3 months i have been doing discrete exercises sucking in my gut and holding to the count of ten on the bus to and from work. it especially works if i'm standing and have to combine it with keeping my balance. Trouble is... i work long hours and i get up at 5.30 to have time to dress,eat, get my girl up and dressed and to childcare before i drive half an hour to the bus... and that's just the first two hours of the day... and on my way back, 8 hours later, i' tend to be exhausted from work, although it is a mental kind of exhaustion it is still tiring...

So the sqeesing my muscles on the bus is a half-hearted thing. I have also been sporadically doing planks, sit-ups and various pilatesmoves. i have two exercise dvd's. each is about 20 minutes and brilliant for a newbie, mis-coordinated creature like me.
But what i need is structure so next week is the start of february and so i will dedicate february to my stomach.
This sunday i will measure my belly... (I am soooo dreading this!) and then i will every night do a minimum of 4 exercises. the first week i will just challenge my self and get the breathing and pain in place. and then i will increase repetitions and time.
her we go. My excecises are:
(with pictures if i can find them... or i'll take them when i'm getting used to them).)

The Plank Minimum of 30 seconds on elbows and straight arm depending on what i find more effective
Sideways Plank (if i can figure out how....)

the cycling boat:
sit on floor, knees bendt, back straight. lean back and lift feet untill your gut-muscles hold the balance. slowly cycle the legs while twisting the torso the oposite of the legs. This is supposed to work for beginners.  i will not count reps but try to do this one continuously for 30 seconds to start with.

And then there is this fantastic programme:


10 Deep Breaths
2 Sets of 10 slow rolls each side - with 20 seconds rest.
2 Sets of 10 lifts with 20 seconds rest.
Alternate sides for 30 - 45 seconds.
2 Sets of 10 lifts with 20 seconds rest between sets.
2 Sets of 6 - 10 lifts with 20 seconds rest between sets.
FGF = Feel Good Factor - Write down how you feel after your sets.
Record the amount of reps you performed for each exercise.

Exercise Reps Sets FGF Exercise Reps Sets FGF
1 . . . 4 . . .
2 . . . 5 . . .
3 . . . 6 . . .

I might post piccies...

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