fredag 22. juli 2011

Do NOT Fuck with my country!

I'm sorry.
I normally don't swear but now the terror has crossed Norwegian borders. Oslo has been bombed, a youth camp has een massacred by an raging gunman.
In a few hours we have gone from being the safest country in the world to having all our security ripped out from under our feet.
We've gone from celebrating Tour de Fance victory Being angry about and rape and integration og foreigners to suspecting everyone and being shocked. i do not believe a single Norwegian citizen ever thought we would have to deal with something like this.
Our pride in being "best" has been spat on. We have been punished simply for our freedom and it is so unfair...
Some presumably intelligent person has planned it all. They have planned to and gone thru with a murder of innocent Norwegians. We are a people who pride ourselves on our tolerance and intolerance has now given us a reason to stop trusting.
several hearts have stopped beating
several lives have ended.
the number is still unknown.
I'm veering between disbelief and anger.

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