torsdag 17. februar 2011

well well

In the time it has taken me to blog i have had a horrid bronchitis with high fever.
Thank god that my mother had time to get my girl at nursery and bring me back to my childhood home. i was ill... properly couldn't breathe and felt like my bones had all truned to jelly.
but i got my antibiotics and i'm more or less back on track.
at least i'm back at work...
I just need a bit more oxygen and we're good to go...

as to the rest of my life.
well... i'm still trying to be creative but finding the day a bit short.... i'm still writing my novel. the characters are chewing their way thru the story in my head but i haven't had time to type their shenanigans.
i swear those teens in that story have taken on a life of their own.... if i had a wish it would be that i could turn off my brain and mentally sleep with my laptop on and my characters flowing out thru my fingers. i wouldn't mind editing out the uninteresting things afterwards....

Oh and i found this:

How a New Food Sprinkle Convinces the Brain to Stop Over-Eating

You have GOT to be joking right?
a chemical that you sprinkle on your food to eat less????
how about some common sense restraint people?

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