tirsdag 11. januar 2011

The wonderful thing about 30…

One of my friends turned 30 latelly and thus i feel it is appropriate to muse a bit on the subject…
30 is a wonderful age. i had a bit of a crisis on the wole changing decade thing… and now it kinda freaks me out that i’ll be 33 in March… and i will tell you why:
this is sooo totally irrational but here goes…
When i was 17 there was a tarot-booth in Trondheim during a festival or some such event.. my friend wanted to try so we were offered a two for one prize and my friend said she’d pay so i went along. and after my friend had been told about a lightning bright future, the “gypsy” woman spoke and spoke and spoke loads…,
when it was my turn, she didn’t speak at all, which kinda freaked me out.

then when all the cards were dealt she said (my own comments on her predictions in blue…):

“you will face great grief and hardship. I see there will be many children but also great loss (I have miscarried at least 2 times and had an ectopic pregnancy..)
You will not find peace in your work, you have a golden heart which people will recognize and take advantage of (Yup… i’m too nice…hehe)
she said something about money and love which was either not interesting at the time or interpreted to mean a guy i had a crush on at the time… so i don’t remember….
Then she dealt some new cards in a section of the “sun” she had laid out for me and she looked really worried… But then she said:
I’m not sure if i should tell you this but i do not see your future beyond your mid 30′ies. there is death at the age of 34 and the cards after that age are nondescript and cloudy. All i I will say, your journey ends when you are 34.”

so i’m kinda freaked out over approaching 34…
friends of mine who know tarots are shocked that she would say this to me as serious tarot readers should never predict actual death. they are usually allowed to say there will be a change, but they should not predict death.
A friend of mine who was learning palmistry did a follow up a bit later and she said signs are that i should have 7 or one child. (4 down…)
and that something happens in my early adulthood coz there is a serious break in my lifeline, and my lifeline is generally weak.
So being a grown-up in my 30′ies kinda isn’t where i wanna be…

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