tirsdag 18. januar 2011


Sometimes i wish i could take certain burdens for my daughter.
At the moment she is sat on the sofa with a grayish hue to her face and a body full of the flu. she's been suffering since friday but didn't get a fever untill saturday and although her morale and mood is good she is still suffering with a blocked nose and no apetite... poor tyke.
I was ill more or less constantly as a child and i had a steady stream of bronchitis from the age of 5 ish. thankfully my daughter has so far had a teflon coated health so i'm hoping she won't have the constant fevers i remember form my childhood. i am supplying a steady stream of drinks, ice lollies and potatocrisps to at least keep her hydrated. the rest is up to mother nature.
Tomorrow, if the fever don't break tonight, we'll be heading for the doctors.
i don't like the idea of dragging her outside in the wintercold while she has a fever but by tomorrow her fever has lasted for so long i'd like to eliminate any infections beyond the ordinary flu-virus...

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